When will moto g play 2021 be back in stock?

Any ideas? Should I consider the Samsung A10E instead? Someone wrote here that there’s a significant user interface difference between the two so I’m wary of that.

Good morning, @johng.6r5jad,

The user interface on a Samsung phone is different from that of a Motorola phone. If you don’t mind learning new things and resetting your expectations for where to find certain functions, you’ll be fine, But if you’re easily frustrated when someone “moves your cheese”, then you might not find the move from Moto to Samsung to be an easy experience.

I notice that you were also asking about buying phones for a non-profit. This means you’d be introducing this change for a few staff members, which increases the chance someone will find the changes to be more than they can handle.

The latest estimate we have on the Moto G Play 2021 is that we expect to see more inventory later in October, but no firm date is available. I’m in a meeting right now, where we usually get the latest on inventory status. I’ll let you know if there is any news on this phone.

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For those interested in or recently shifted over to Samsung, one of the Ambassadors @SuperT has developed an excellent cross-reference of ‘differences’ that can be found in Tips & Tricks

Optimizing your Samsung Galaxy phone for Republic Wireless

Those are great optimization tips, but the article does not begin to detail all the differences between a Moto and Samsung interface.

Hi @johng.6r5jad,

We do not have an update from the manufacturer on the delivery of our postponed inventory. I would like to make sure you are aware that the Moto G Play 2021 is available directly from Motorola at moto g play - android smartphone | motorola US - Motorola

If you purchase there, you’ll just need SIM cards from us, and I’ll be glad to help you with that.

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OK, thank you.

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