When will Moto g Stylus 2021 be back in stock

Just wondering. I know, i should have bought it earlier.

The current Republic store, which closes tonight (Get ready for an improved Republic Wireless) won’t be restocking. As to what the plans are for the new store starting next month no one really knows.


Hi @jenniferc.ttnhhg,

Have you considered sourcing a Republic compatible Moto G Stylus from a third party retailer or Motorola itself?

Is the new phone intended as an upgrade for a current Republic phone? If so, may we know the brand, model and generation of the phone being replaced?

Or, is the new phone intended for a new line of service?

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Am planning on buying two of them. We will be replacing a 2016 Moto g4 play and a moto g3 bought in 2016. Both were republic phones. Both have served us well but have started to break down lately. Batteries not holding a charge, programming crashing in miduse, not receiving texts. They were good phones and did what they were needed for but are in need of replacement.

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Good Morning @jenniferc.ttnhhg,

You can definitely purchase the unlocked 2021 Moto G Stylus directly from Motorola. There’s also other third party options such as Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, etc. Before pursuing purchase of the new phones, however, we need to explore your options regarding Republic SIMs.

The SIM from the Moto G3 is phone specific and cannot be moved to another phone.

The SIM from the Moto G4 play may or may not move to another phone. Let’s find out:

Is the G4 play’s SIM GSM or CDMA? Might we also trouble you for a zip code (nothing more) for the purpose of exploring Republic’s coverage options in your area?

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I got one for my husband from Motorola website. Arrived in 2 days. It is huge and has voice mail issues. Other than that, it is pretty nice.

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If the voicemail issues are “visual” voicemail issues, it’s not the the phone but rather Google’s Phone app bundled with the phone. For more, please see here:

I get that part. Was just saying. Also said it was a pretty decent phone. But an issue is an issue and better warned. Work arounds have not fared well with us and just thought I would mention it.

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