When will Moto G7 Play be back in stock?

When will Moto G7 Play be back in stocK?

I would expect not for some time. Tech Manufactures are mostly shut down now.

Hi @briang.6nddlc :slight_smile:

You might look at your local Best Buy (if you have one). Some stores look like they still have some stock of the G7 Play unlocked for $199.99


If you think this might be something you might buy… come back to the Community and we can talk about your SIM card needs. :wink:

To answer more specifically, Republic is currently expecting to have them back in stock on 4/22. However because of covid-19 most dates have been a bit fluid, so I wouldn’t count on it.

This info about getting phones elsewhere might be helpful How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone Finally here are some sources that have Republic compatible phones in stock at this time: Places to get Republic Compatible Phones while stock is low

This may be of interest to those considering a G7.


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