When will Moto phones be back in stock in the Republic Store?

The RW store is sold out of all Moto g phones. Any idea when Moto g Play will be back in stock?

Hi @bernieb,
As of late last week, we were expecting more of the Moto G Play on Friday, so the fact that we’re out of stock could mean:
a. We got some in and sold them all over the weekend
b. We got some in and they didn’t get added to inventory so they could be sold yet, in which case it’ll probably happen early tomorrow (Monday)
c. The anticipated replenishment shipment was delayed. (That’s been happening a lot, lately.)

I’ll try to get updated information for you during business hours tomorrow, however Motorola appears to have the phone in stock if you’d like to go ahead and place an order there:


Hi @bernieb,

We’re currently expecting to receive more inventory of the Moto G Play in mid-October.


Thank you so much for your information. I will keep watching!


There’s really no need to wait, when Motorola has the same phone in stock.

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If you buy from Motorola then you have to buy some special card or kit to make it a Republic phone and I am not super “techy” so it seems easier to wait. a couple weeks. Thanks for your info!

Just checked this morning and the moto g play is back in stock on Republic and I ordered! Thanks again for your help and info!

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I’m glad you managed to catch it when a couple came available. We’ve not had any replenishment stock arrive yet but sometimes stock levels fluctuate by ones or twos. It see it’s back to being “out of stock” now.

when wil the moto g play (2021) be in stock?


I’d check other sources. You can find Motorola phones much cheaper. We just bought 2 Moto G Power phones from Republic a month or so ago. After we bought them we found several other places that sold the phones for $90 cheaper. Suggest you buy them somewhere else then transfer them to Republic under their “bring your own phone” process. Republic will send you the necessary cards so they work with their system. You get the same phone for about 37% less. Don’t learn the same expensive lesson we did.

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Can yoh notify when they come so I can order 1 asap

Hi @patsyt,

We don’t have any sort of sign-up process where you can ask to be notified when certain phones are back in stock. It’s a great idea, and one I’d love to see us implement.

If there is a specific phone you have in mind, we may be able to show you where you can buy it elsewhere.

Hi @patsyt,

I’m not sure which phone you were interested in, but the Moto G Power (2021) is now back in stock in our online store.

If we would like help finding somewhere else to buy the Moto G Play, how do we go about it? Becoming frustrated checking regularly.

Hi @lindaw.zm7wxx,

The Moto G Play is available directly from Motorola here: moto g play - android smartphone | motorola US - Motorola

It is available from Best Buy here: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/motorola-moto-g-play-2021-32gb-memory-unlocked-misty-blue/6441176.p?skuId=6441176

It is available from B&H here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1609463-REG/moto_pal60003us_g_play_32gb_smartphone.html

It is available from Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/3-Day-battery-Unlocked-Motorola-Camera/dp/B08NWGBHG3 but do not click any of the other “options” Amazon presents on that page, as they are different phones, not different colors of the same phone.

Do you currently have a GSM SIM card?

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