When will my new SIM card arrive?

I may have missed this in one of the emails, but I have been waiting to receive a notification that my SIM card has shipped for my new plan and haven’t seen it.

I have a Pixel 5A, so I needed to upgrade to a new plan. I created a new account and placed the order. Then silence… Any estimates or places where I can track when my new SIM card will ship?

As a second question, will my billing cycle update to reflect that I haven’t actually activated a phone yet? Currently, I am scheduled to get billed again 1 month from date I placed the order, not the date when I will eventually activate the SIM card.

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May we know when the order was placed (date, time and time zone), please?


Placed: 12/16/2021 around 8:48pm US Eastern Time

Also, I edited my original post with a second question. If you could address that as well, I would appreciate it!

Thank you for the additional context! Generally, an order placed Thursday evening after 3:00 PM eastern time would ship Friday. That said, the store just reopened this past Tuesday plus it’s the holiday season, so I’m uncertain if there might be delays.

As an aside, I have an order placed on Friday before 3:00 PM eastern that, as far as I’m able to tell has yet to ship. I’m going to see if I can get further clarity on this for both of us.

The bill cycle date you currently see (one month from the date of order) is a placeholder and will reset to 30 days from the date you activate the new SIM. You will not be shortchanged on the plan you paid for and will receive a full 30 days service.

Hi @davido.umij7e,

We have had some unexpected delays in fulfillment, and particularly getting the data back from the fulfillment center to update the account with a tracking number. We are working to resolve all of these issues as quickly as possible and are targeting today to get the lingering orders shipped. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for your extended patience, I’m sure you’re eager to be able to use your new Pixel 5A!


@rolandh I don’t know if this is similar to what @davido.umij7e is experiencing, but there seemed to be a backorder issue with the SIMs back when I ordered on the 14th. So if they are backordered, all bets are off in my view.

I have gotten no followup email indicating any shipment nor have I received the SIM, to test on another old phone. (Old ketchup commercial playing…Anticipation, Anticipation, anticipation is making me wait)

(Update, was creating this post when Southpaws came in and I didn’t see it)

Hi @daddydave,

As I believe I mentioned in another thread with you, the backorder issues were glitches with the new store’s opening. Neither SIMs or phones were actually backordered or out of stock.

The fulfillment issue, which Southpaw has just addressed is different and being worked on.

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Hey @rolandh I just noticed your ambassador tag. I don’t remember seeing that a few days ago, are you recently back into it? If so congrats!! A challenging time to re-enter with the rollout.

I noticed other changes to members tags recently.

Or it could just be my aging eyes.

In this case, it is the eyes. I’ve been a Community Ambassador since 3.0 launched some 5+ years ago now.

Challenging times indeed, though, so far, I’d say Community reaction has been more positive overall than 3.0’s launch in August of 2016. Of course, Republic has yet to email the entire member base advising of the relaunch, so…

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The “user flairs” (little bitty icons on the user profile picture) have changed as part of the Community’s overall rebranding.

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They may be waiting until the entire ordering process is fixed. I ordered the 2-line plan at 7:42am on 12/14. Apparently, the system accidentally processed my order on my existing 3.0 account. I’ve been working with support on an active ticket and have been informed that everything will be straightened out when the SIM cards arrive. I have an invoice that shows $0.00 for the SIMs…no order or delivery info, and another invoice for a partial month charged to my card. I’m confident that the SIM cards will arrive but I have no idea when–especially with the USPS running the way it’s been with the holidays. Hopefully, mine is not a “lingering” order.

The email to which I refer is a future email to the entire member base advising of the relaunch not anything to do with currently pending orders.

I certainly hope so as well as fixing any other glitches such as the issue with adding cell data to My Choice plans that is mostly resolved.

In other words, one might consider the current environment to be a soft-opening with the grand reopening to follow.

Regarding specific orders that are apparently delayed, :crossed_fingers: that gets sorted today as is the goal.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I will be on the lookout today or in the next couple of days for shipment notification. Mainly wanted to make sure my order wasn’t bumped out of the queue for some reason.


I received my SIM on Monday, but never received a shipping notification.

I can not activate it, because of a bug. I anxiously await. My daughter’s phone is having issues and we need to activate her phone.

Interesting - I still haven’t received the SIM or a notification, but I will check the mail today!

Ok - I got the SIM cards - GREAT!

However, I tried to activate the phones and got an error message “Can’t finish activation, call customer care” or something to that effect.

I called yesterday and the answer I got was “I don’t know what the problem is - maybe just wait and it will sort itself out? Call back if it doesn’t”.

I am currently on a loooong hold once again to tell them that it didn’t sort itself out, but isn’t there a technical person that can just make the swap for me on the back end?

Not sure if other folks are getting these error messages when they try to activate while porting their numbers over.

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Ok - update: so my case is tied to a “known bug” and there is no timeframe for when it will be resolved. More uncertainty about when I will actually be able to use my phone!

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Today the USPS notified me of a package coming from Indianapolis. That might be where RW’s distribution center is. If so, that package is the SIM I ordered. I used to know where their stuff was shipped from but forgot. Anybody reading this know if it is Indianapolis? If so, I have my tracking number.

I am right there with you and am becoming more irritated as the days go by. It’s been 4 days.

You are attempting to move your daughter’s number from an old Republic phone, correct?