When will new phones be added to RW store?


Is there some way to find out when RW is going to be adding new phones to their store? My old phone is dying, I’m looking for something around $300 with a decent camera and the moto x pure is no longer available. There is no phone available priced between $199 and $399. Moto Z play at $399 doesn’t get great reviews for it’s camera, not the phone I’m looking for and more money than I want to spend.



Hi @merylh,

Candidly, only Republic staff might be able to definitively answer your question and they’re not going to do so. Generally, Republic announces availability of new phones at most a week or so prior. I do understand Republic’s store selection seems to be dwindling some and it is the time of year manufacturers start to release new phones.

Perhaps, an approved bring your own phone model would be of interest to you:

You’ll want to first verify coverage:

When ready to announce new phones, Republic usually does so here in Community and via various social media platforms:

I suggest keeping an eye on Republic’s official blog here: http://pwk.republicwireless.com.

Additionally, you might find information on Republic’s social media pages. Links follow.




We replaced one of our Moto X1s with a Moto G5+ (64GB) …so far its been working out well for us.
At the launch of 3.0 plans we had replaced our other Moto X1 with a Moto X Pure… and it is working well for us too. But as an aging phone… I wouldn’t recommend it even if you were able to find it elsewhere. If you do like the Moto X line… I would recommend waiting for the X4…which is expected to release later on this year.



You can still get a Moto X Pure XT1575 on Swappa.


They’re going $160-$260 right now.

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