When will new phones be added?


I am currently looking to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy s8 which released several months ago but still has not been added to the list of comparable phones. When will more phones be added?


Republic does not talk about new phones until there an announcement
(Republic will not say a phone will not be supported only that it is not currently supported
until there an announcement Republic will not say which phones are going to work in the future


That’s one of the more frustrating things about RW. They say they have things in the pipeline and play things so close to the vest. In terms of new phones, by the time they either add something to the store or approve a phone for BYOP, enough time has passed that rumors and leaks of a particular phone’s successor are already out. Like with the s8, that was released in the North American market back in April. The Moto Z and G4, still available in RW’s shop, came out LAST summer. The Huawei Ascend 5w came out in December.

Having a decent selection of devices, I’d assume, is pretty high up on the priority list of attracting new customers, in addition to retaining the ones that you already have.


I would like to point out that the Moto Z2 is already supported, as well as the Moto G5+.

Republic also needs to make sure that a phones custom ROM will support the functions needed for their unique app features. This is usually why Motorola phones get near day 1 support (stock android and familiar hardware).

If you have a phone you want on Republic there is a place to suggest them but I do not remember as of now.


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