When Will New Phones Come?

I know Republic Wireless has a long record of being very secretive about their phone releases, but does anyone know when any new phones will be announced? I am growing very tired of seeing a large amount of innovation by Android phone producers while knowing that the most advanced phones we have access to are not new by any means. I love the low cost service provided by Republic, but when I get a new phone to replace my Moto X Pure Edition in about a year, I want it to be on par with the top phones. If anyone can help me out with this, I would be very appreciative.

Hi @cynthiap.z1w1bo

You are correct that Republic does not discuss phones they are working on adding. New phone(s) could launch Today, next week, or months from now-nobody except Republic knows which phones will launch soon. That being said, I think you will be able to find a top-notch phone supported by Republic when it comes time to upgrade ;).


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