When will Oreo handsets be available for sale from Republic Wireless?


When will Android Oreo operating system be available on handsets purchased from RW?

Disappointingly, manufacturers expect us to pay hundreds of dollars for a device that becomes a security vulnerability, with no fixes provided, after only months. If the objective is to buy a new handset/phone that will provided at least security updates for the longest time, when should we expect new handsets?



That would be useful if I were asking about updates to existing phones. I’m trying to determine how long we think the wait will be until RW is selling a handset that runs Android Oreo when purchased.

When does RW expect to sell a new phone running Android Oreo OS?

Thank you


Republic does not provide advance notice of new handsets. When they’re ready to announce, they’ll announce quite publicly.


Under the BYOD program, you can already bring over some phones that are Oreo-capable.