When will Republic Anywhere be compatible with Chromebooks and Chromebox?


When will republic anywhere be compatible for Chromebooks and Chromebox?

Republic Anywhere Android Update: Version 1.2.4 - 11/16/17

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I moved your question to its own topic since it’s not directly related to Android app version 1.24


Hi @josephs.humgw3!

I don’t believe we have been given a timeline. However, Republic is aware of the fact that many users have Chromebooks and I am sure they would like to bring it to Chromebooks if they are able to.



I use it in my Chromebook now as an Android app. Runs great.


Frankly, I’m not sure Republic will spend time on this effort. The newer Chromebooks have access to Android Apps from the Play Store, so there really shouldn’t be a need to develop a separate Chromebook App as the population of Chromebooks that can’t run the Android version will continue to shrink over time.


Hi @josephs.humgw3,

If your Chromebook does not run Android apps you might be able to get Republic Anywhere for Android running via Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC). ARC attempts to convert Android apps to Chrome apps. Some convert better than others.


I run Anywhere on my Chromebook in the Beta channel, although I think it will run in the stable channel now, just haven’t gotten around to switching back.


I would recommend making a web version of the app. This way, someone can access this from any internet connected machine. I cannot install this on my work machine, due to security restrictions. If it was available as a web page, I could use it from there.

The user would have to log into their RW account, choose the phone number they are going to go through, and then text to their hearts content!


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