When will Republic Wireless add the Motorola One to it's line up?


When will Republic Wireless add the Motorola One to it’s line up?


Republic Wireless doesn’t normally announce anything until it’s supported. My guess on the Motorola One is that it won’t be added to the lineup. It’s really a phone only fully compatible with AT&T here in the United States. According to the specs published on that phone, it doesn’t support T-Mobile’s (Republic’s GSM carrier) extended range LTE (bands 12 and 71). The phone doesn’t support CDMA carriers at all.

For less money you can get a Moto X4 64 GB phone with Android One.


Thanks for that. I don’t want an X4, I’d really like the Moto One because it’s smaller. I like the Moto G series but they have grown. I currently have the G5s plus and I really like it but its almost too big to handle with one hand. Guess I’ll wait and hope the G7 is smaller.


The G7 is expected to have a 6" display and the G7 Plus will be larger at 6.4". Hopefully there will be a carrier unlocked version with Band 71. Supposed to be announced Dec 25.


Moto X4 display is 5.2", Moto G5S Plus is 5.5", Moto One is 5.9" (and low resolution).