When will RW have new phones?

The current selection of phones either has too many obsolete or very few phones that have larger amounts of memory and RAM.

The full list of supported phones includes the:

current Samsung Entry Level J3
current Samsung Mid-range: J7
current Samsung upper-mid range: A6
current Samsung flagships: S10e, S10, S10+, Note 10, Note 10+
current Moto entry level: e5 Play
current Moto mid range: G7, G7 Power, G7 Play
current Moto flagship: Z4
current Pixel mid-range: 3a, 3a XL
current Pixel flagship: 3, 3 XL

These are the primary vendors Republic works with and supports their current models. As new models are released, you’ll likely see them added as well.

Edited to add. The Note 10+ comes in 512GB/12GB versions which is about the most memory available in any widely available phone.


The OnePlus 6T was a nice addition!


Republic just announce the BYOD support for
the Galaxy Note 10 and 10+
the OnePlus 6T
the Moto Z4
all with in the last month or so

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But to the OP’s point, not new as the current OnePlus is the 7 Pro.


True, true. But I’m willing to give them more time to do their soak testing and such before supporting. The OnePlus 7 officially started shipping in June, pretty tight timeframe for a software suite validation of Republic’s app and soak test even if RW started working on it the day they released.

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If they were obsolete… then RW would NOT be selling them!

If you indeed have the Huawei 5W as noted in your profile then any of the phones in the current line up would be a huge upgrade over that phone. If you don’t like the current line-up of phones and have a phone in mind that you would like RW to support then you can provide that feedback at this link.

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