When will RW permit the Pixel 4a?

Once out, how long before Pixel 4a can be used on Republic?

Looking for announcements is annoying. Can’t they just tell us when it will be announced?

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No they can’t because they don’t know. It’ll be announced IF they decide to support it and WHEN testing is complete.

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Something to consider is that Call Screening via Google Assistant is not exactly working on RW. This is true for the Pixel 4, not sure if the same problem will affect the 4a. I’ve been extremely tempted to swap to Google Fi for this reason alone. I’ve been at least one click away from doing it at least twice now.


I know this is just one of many posts on this topic, but I just want to post again to add my voice to those of others: I’m a longtime RW customer (7 years, I think?), and I’ve already pre-ordered a Pixel 4a. Is that premature and presumptive? Yeah probably. Even so, Republic, please prioritize getting this phone supported! It’s a priority to me and many others.


Is Pixel 4 A compatible with RW?

Hi @josephb and welcome back to the Member Community. There is a thread about the Pixel 4A here.

Hope this helps!


I am also eager to know if the Pixel 4a will be supported by RW. My 5 year old phone that I purchased through RW finally tanked and I am trying to hold out for the Pixel 4a because of budget and camera quality. I have been a RW customer for 7 years but will also consider switching providers if not notified of RW supporting the Pixel shortly after it ships. Thank you!

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We’ll apparently the initial release of the Pixel 4a is sold out and it won’t be available again until the middle of September. Not happy about waiting for republic to figure this out. I should have just bought one when I had the chance.


My new pixel 4a arrived today. Thought it wouldn’t hurt to try to put the new sim card in and try to activate it. Happy to report that there were no issues activating the new phone!


Are all features such as WiFi calling and text messaging working properly? I would imagine that, until an official announcement is made, Republic won’t guarantee all features will continue to work.
Is there any risk beyond that setting up a device that isn’t officially supported yet?

Everything is working. On my account under my phones the phone is listed as Republic Supported Phone. I’m sure there is some sort of risk, but it’s working fine so far.


It’s great to hear that RW will be supporting the Pixel 4a! If I already have a Republic SIM Card (that was purchased along with a cell phone from the RW website), do I need to purchase a new SIM to use with the Pixel 4a? The announcement mentions needing a BYOP SIM so just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

Hi @ecoder,

The answer to your question is an it depends scenario. Perhaps, this will help:



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My Pixel 4a unlocked came yesterday and works fine after I installed the Republic BYOP sim card. I will watch and see if anything is different, it switched me from my old plan to the new plan automatically during the set up. Right now I see no difference in operation, voice mail, text, incoming and out going calls all seem to be normal on WIFI and the towers with the Pixel 4a unlocked.

Will RW offer the Google Pixel 4a in their store? If so, how long might that take?

Hi @lemi and welcome to the Community!

History suggests Republic might very well do so but then again, they might not.

This would be an unknown unless and until Republic were to make an announcement.

Is there a reason, you would prefer to purchase a Pixel 4a from Republic? Should Republic decide to sell it, it would be the same factory unlocked variant already sold elsewhere.

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I’d prefer to give my business to RW instead of other places like Amazon or Google.

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