When will RW permit the Pixel 4a?

I’m on the market for a new phone and have decided to wait for Pixel 4a. (Seeing that it was just announced.)

Anyone have any insight on when RW will accommodate the Pixel 4a as a 'bring your own phone" item?

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I have the same question - will we be able to bring our own right away, or wait for RW to sell?

Hi @randys.qzrgke and @kennethb.yvm5o4,

While history suggests Republic will ultimately support Google’s Pixel 4a series (Republic has supported all preceding Pixels), one needs to wait for Republic’s announcement of that. The best place to watch for Republic’s announcements is right here in the Community. That said, I have no inside information regarding whether and when an announcement might be forthcoming nor does Republic drop hints. If and when there’s something to say, Republic will say it.

Until and unless Republic has something to say about support for the Pixel 4a series, the answer on bringing your own is no.


Hi @randys.qzrgke and @kennethb.yvm5o4 - here’s a link to the Latest Announcement & News topic page. You can also use the “Notify” button at the top of the #news page to make sure you are notified when something new is posted in the category.


I’d bet money Republic will support the 4a. It’s essentially an upgraded 3a and works on both GSM and CDMA. A new SIM card (assuming you have one on another BYOP) should not be needed.

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Hi @jamesa.hnbqtx,

Welcome to our member Community, and thanks for chiming in with your thoughts.

One point of clarity, though, so we don’t lead anyone astray.

This is true for our BYOP program only if your current phone is using our GSM SIM card. Our CDMA SIM card cannot be moved directly from one phone to another. More details about that, here: Moving a Current Republic SIM When Upgrading to a New Compatible Phone

Well hopefully they support it very soon because my 4a will be here on the 19th, and will be making a ticket for a new CDMA sim just before that.


While past history does give one reason to be confident of eventual Republic support for the Pixel 4a, opening a ticket to request. a CDMA SIM prior to support being announced or the phone being received would be premature. Republic’s documentation for requesting a CDMA SIM is here:

Please note there is phone specific information required.

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I disagree with the request being premature. Past history says this will be a very popular phone and RW should have already posted support for it. Before the release as even the press have had the phone for review for sometime I’m sure carriers would have had it for longer. Regardless when my does arrive it will be functional either with RW or another carrier. That is why I will be requesting the sim with in a week so I will have time to port my number out in case RW is still dragging their heels.

I have to agree. At this price point, this should be a big seller and I feel RW might have better served their community by having a plan in place by the launch date of the phone.

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We’re not able to provide a SIM card for a phone we don’t officially support, and I don’t believe you’ll have the IMEI available (as indicated in the Help Article @rolandh referenced) to provide if you request the SIM card prior to receiving the phone. This is why the word premature was an apt description of the idea of requesting the SIM card while the phone is still on its way to you.

We understand the eagerness to have this new phone supported, and we appreciate your interest in bringing it to Republic. Please watch our #news category as that’s where we always announce support for any phones we add to our BYOP portfolio.


Sure true premature without the IMEI, but not in terms of RW supporting the phone. Simply put I would rather stay with RW, but if the phone is not supported with in say three days of receiving the phone I will be going to another carrier that I have already contacted and they support the phone. Granted it will be about $7.00 more a month but that’s also an additional 2gb of data. I do like RW but they do drag their heels on new phones this should have been long since planned for and is simply inexcusable. So I wish us both the best of luck on the matter.

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Do you guys plan on adding the Pixel 4a? When might you do that?

Hi @dmitryk and welcome back to the Member Community. Your question was moved into this post to focus the conversation in a single place. You might want to review the posts in this thread (above) to see comments that answer your question.

Here’s a link to the Latest Announcement & News topic page . You can also use the “Notify” button at the top of the #news page to make sure you are notified when something new is posted in the category.

I’m just another Member also so anything else I say would be conjecture mixed with some hope. Hope this helps!

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In order for Republic to support a phone they must have it in hand in order to be able to test it and ensure it works properly. In the case of something like the Pixel 4a test units just became available to reviewers. We have no idea if that means Republic was able to get the units it needed to test now too or if they have to wait until release day to get them. It’s easy to say things like

when you’re not in the chain on what needs to be done or the availability of the hardware / software to do it. Heck, the software build that will be on the phone at release isn’t even out yet.

I’m quite sure Republic does everything it can to get phones to market as quickly as possible but I can tell you, as someone who is lucky enough to have an partial inside view on this process, that unexpected things happen, at the last minute, sometimes at the last second, that delay compatibility.

Republic takes the only responsible road, they announce when they are SURE that they will be able to deliver and not just because it would be better for marketing or sales to do it now.


Once out, how long before Pixel 4a can be used on Republic?

Looking for announcements is annoying. Can’t they just tell us when it will be announced?

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No they can’t because they don’t know. It’ll be announced IF they decide to support it and WHEN testing is complete.

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Something to consider is that Call Screening via Google Assistant is not exactly working on RW. This is true for the Pixel 4, not sure if the same problem will affect the 4a. I’ve been extremely tempted to swap to Google Fi for this reason alone. I’ve been at least one click away from doing it at least twice now.


I know this is just one of many posts on this topic, but I just want to post again to add my voice to those of others: I’m a longtime RW customer (7 years, I think?), and I’ve already pre-ordered a Pixel 4a. Is that premature and presumptive? Yeah probably. Even so, Republic, please prioritize getting this phone supported! It’s a priority to me and many others.

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