When will Samsung S21 be available to purchase from the Republic site?

When will the S21 Samsung Phones be available to purchase from the Republic site?

Wow, I was surprised to see that ALL of the Samsung phones are out of stock. Maybe @southpaw knows what this means.

Hi @billg,

It means the phones are out of stock.

There’s a global Qualcomm chip shortage and it has become difficult to replenish inventory on some models. Have you seen the news about certain used cars costing more now than they did when they were sold new just a couple of years ago?! Same chip shortage playing a role in that.

Last year it was toilet paper, this year, computer chips. :woman_shrugging:


Hi @goodenpd,

The Samsung S21 is very limited in availability due to a chip shortage. We are hoping to get some in stock early next week, but cannot guarantee a date.

If you’d like help making sure one ordered from another store is compatible with our service, the Community would be glad to help with that.

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Thank you. I will keep checking and appreciate the guidance.


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