Where are BYOP phones?

Why does it take so long to see new supported BYO phones? Nokia would seem to be a good candidate with GSM provider and stock Android.

Hi @steveng.qy6cjn

The list is growing, and I would agree to a streamlining within the pages of Supported Phones, but none of us here can answer that question as we are customers like yourself.

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There is a document with a suggestion for BYOD phones but I will be damned if I can find it in search or the help search. Will someone that knows where this document is please dig it out and dust it off for this OP.

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Is it this one

If yes then it has a link on the main help page [no need to search]

Nope, there was a window at the bottom of the document that one could suggest a phone for BYOD or RW to offer. I can’t seem to find it but have been all through that document offered.

I think @bocephous might be referring to the survey once accessible from the BYOP marketing page. That page has been refreshed and I no longer see a link to the survey nor do I have a direct link to offer.


That’s the one! Know wonder I can’t find it.

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so this link


This is absolutely the missing link . @steveng.qy6cjn Thanks to @drm186 the link to suggest a phone is in the post above mine , oh what heck here’s the link again.
BYOP suggestion survey


Looked for it yesterday after reading a discussion about new phones from RW. Seems to be MIA. Doubt any on the list besides the obvious ones were ever added.

Another other issue with the former survey was that once a member responded once no additional suggestions could be added. RW marches to beat of their own drum and likely not interested in our suggestions since they won’t provides us with the minimum spec of phones that could be approved.

Wait a short period of time and there will be several more BYOPs offered that are convenient for RW.

found it in one of my old post (a search of survey)


Whatever it takes to help the OP. Thanks for helping me help the OP. I didn’t think of the survey search although I know you helped me with this same link before the Discourse change.

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