Where are my apps



new phone, Moto4e Republic wireless plan
trying to move apps from old Motoe phone to new one. (the old phone is lost)
I can’t find Kindle, which was installed on my other phone.
All the other apps seem to be transferred.
Thank you


Just install it from the Play Store:


Hi @maryp.zgatcz,

You should be able to download the Amazon Kindle app by clicking on the below link via your device or by searching the Google Play Store for ‘Amazon Kindle’ on your device.


Thank you. I’ve downloaded the Kindle app. Will I have to download all of my books all over again? do you know of a shortcut?


You should be able to login to your Amazon account and have your library downloaded to your new phone.

Please be sure you are on WiFi when you do this.


Thank you, Johnny 5!


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