Where are text messages saved?

Are text messages saved locally to my phone or on a RW server? I ask because I wonder if I will be able to access them on the old phone after I change phones.

RW Server but not forever.

Is there a process by which I can move them to my phone storage?

There are several apps for this in the Play Store:

Hi @mythicdragon,

@billg is correct that Republic stores 30 days or so of text message content on its servers. Only Republic Anywhere is able to access the servers to retrieve that content.

Presuming you’ve not deleted it from the old phone and the old phone is functional, text message content is indeed saved on the old phone as well and, likely, it would be easier to move it from old to new phone. There’s some excellent guidance on that (and other things) linked here:

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I have already transferred the messages to Google Drive using SMS Backup and Restore. But, then you have to install another app on the computer to read the file unless you really want to scan through an xml file by eye. I do not plan to transfer anything but my contacts to the new phone, and they are currently backed up to Google, so I am good there. I really only want to be able to access the text messages as they exist now on the old phone for the next six months or so without the phone being connected to a carrier. If they will be there when I choose to power it up and I do not need a carrier to read them then I am all set.

Hi @mythicdragon,

So long as you do not erase them and the old phone remains operational, you would be able to access text message content on the old phone (no service on the old phone is required).

Sounds good. Hey, thanks for the help everyone!

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