Where are the Phone Reviews & Ratings?

What happened to the phone reviews and ratings? They disappeared since last month! I’m still trying to decide on a new phone and would like to check on updates on how the Moto G5 Plus is rating now compared to the Moto Z Play. I am leaning toward the Play–the only objection seemed to be the size, but reviewers were saying the battery life is amazing.

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Honestly, the same size here at Republic was always so small, I’m not sure the reviews were useful. (But no, I don’t know where they went). You’re likely far better off with a Google search, the reviews on Amazon, etc.

don’t know where the reviews went but keep in mind the Moto Z is a GSM only phone and will be on the GSM partner {T-Mobile} network Personal Coverage Check while the Moto G5 Plus can be used on either Republic partners (GSM or CDMA {Sprint} https://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp )

BYOD will also be GSM for either the Moto G5 Plus or Moto Z Play but with the G5 there the possibility of CDMA in the future

if ordering from Republic you the the better network base on Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

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