Where are the photos I cropped using default photo software on my new moto x4?

Where are the photos I cropped using default photo software on my new moto x4?

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The default software should be Google Photos on the new phones. Does the icon look like this?

Here is the help article on how the Google Photos works

What it says is that if you have your photo backed up though Google, the new image (cropped) will replace your old one (but the history will be saved and you can undo the changes).
Also, Instead of hitting save, you can also hit the three dot menu and click save as a copy.

If you do not have the photos backed up, they say, the photo (cropped) will save as another copy.

All photos should be on the phone (or SD card) under the folder DCIM, then Camera or something similar.


How do I know whether or not a photo has been backed up? Since there is no gallery on x4, when I look at a photo in google photos I don’t know whether I’m looking at a “full” resolution photo on the sd card or a reduced (“high”) resolution version on the cloud. It was so simple and logical on moto x pure: When I took a photo or edited one, it was immediately stored on the sd card on the phone, in full resolution, available in the Gallery. Soon, because I kept backup turned on, it would be backed up to the default Google Photos space “on the cloud,” in “high resolution.” So I felt like I knew how to find what version I was looking for.

In photos app tap the menu :menu: and select device folders and you will be looking at the ones on your phone not in the cloud

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