Where can I download an APK for Republic Wireless

I recently ran a factory reset on my Moto G 3. The Republic Wireless app is telling me to upgrade to version Tapping the notification takes me to the Google Play store, which would be great if I used Google services. I intentionally do not log into any Google service on my phone. Where can I get an APK for this version so that I can just install it? I can’t find any that old, and anything newer returns the error unable to parse package.

The Republic Wireless app is normally not distributed outside of the Google Play Store. APKPure is the only other source I’ve seen for the app, and it doesn’t have any versions that support the legacy phones. I’d say your best chance is to beg Republic Wireless through a help ticket or another user who may have a copy of the apk file. Of course, it would be much easier to just use Google services.


I’m not above begging :slight_smile: I found the newer version on a number of sites including AKPure as well and ran into the same result. Besides the privacy implications of Google, a phone this old is crippled when running their stuff :frowning:

Our support team is not able to provide the app outside of the Play Store.

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I figured.

Nothing personal… I believe doing so violates some terms of use for the Play Store.

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