Where can I find the definitions for all the icons at the top of my phone's screen?


There are lots of icons at the top of the screen, but I’ve never seen a guide that explains what they all mean. Where can I find that information?


Hi Kurta,

Yes, there can be a lot of icons on the top of the screen. Some of the icons get put there by your phone, others get put there by the apps on your phone. The icons that get put there by your phone are frequently listed in a manual which may be online or on your phone.

Which model phone do you have? That will help us so we can find the best documentation choices.

The icons that apps put there are determined by the apps you choose. If you swipe down from the top of the screen, you should see an explanation for each of these notifications and access the apps that put the icons in the notification bar.

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You may find this helpful, these are the standard icons for Android:


You may also find this useful:


Apps you install and some already pre-installed will use their own icons. When you see an icon you can’t identify, swipe down the menu once and you should see what is listed for that icon.


Here is a link to RW’s blog that gives notification icon definitions. https://pwk.republicwireless.com/android-notification-icons/



Thanks, that’s a great link to know about.


Thanks for the help.

The next question is, when one logs into RW and searches for “Icons”, why isn’t this a top hit? (I’m not prepared to say I went through pages and pages of results - but I didn’t see the most obvious data in the most obvious place. Also seems that setting a tag for “icons” isn’t an option - but I could sure be wrong about that.)

Thanks again!


Because it is a blog post and not a knowledge document and is not included in our search (we have good reasons for not including blog posts in support search). It should probably be made into a document but it will only apply to some phones and will be a moving target since nothing about smartphones is static.


I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you wanting to add something to or modify the notification icons?

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