Where can I get accessories for an older Moto G?

I want to order a phone cover and screen saver for older Moto G.

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Hi @denad!

Republic does not carry the Moto G1 or any of its accessories anymore. However, you can still find accessories at retailers like Amazon and 3rd parties on eBay. Here is a link to a search for compatible screen protectors on Amazon. In addition, here is the OEM Motorola flip cover on Amazon. You can do the same for other casea or anything else. Just make sure the item is compatible with the Moto G 1st generation. Hope that helps!


Good morning @denad,

Could you tell us which version of the Moto G you have? While we don’t have any screen protectors, we do have some B-stock (Customer-returned, like-new) cases and flip covers available, and it would be my pleasure to send you one as our gift.

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