Where did my pictures go?

I have a Samsung S8. Took about a dozen pictures of my Great Grandson and can not find them, not in Gallery or on my card. Everything seemed to be working, flash, centering square.

Hi @wshrman,

I’m afraid I’m woefully uninformed about anything Samsung-related, but have you checked photos.google.com (log in from a computer, using the same Google credentials that are on your phone) to see if they are there? There are some settings available on Android phones that would cause the phone to back your photos up to Google Photos, then delete them on the phone to free up space.

Perhaps some of our Community members who use Samsung phones have some Samsung-specific ideas.

Like @southpaw I don’t have a Samsung either… but I did do a little Googlin and from what I read there were 2 thinks to try.

  1. Check in the trash of the photo/gallery app your using. For some reason when using the SD card the app can throw them into the trash (or so it was said).
  2. Turn off (not restart) the phone then turn it on and again check your gallery app for the pixs.
    Hope this helps!

I think it may have been a film on the lenses from my glass cleaner.

Hi @wshrman,

I’m uncertain how this would affect finding your pictures? Do you think the pictures were not actually taken?

I guess not, got a flash and heard the click. Cleaned the camera lenses and tried this morning and got a picture.

I think it was the film from the WipeNclean towel, I have noticed the finger print reader some times does not work after I have cleaned it.

I will watch the next time I take a picture.

Thank you

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