Where do I export a summary of my annual charges?


Last year when I did my income taxes I was able to export a (I assume it was in .csv format) summary of my annual charges. It had the following headers: Date, One-time charges, Recurring charges, Taxes, Total, Payment. I don’t see the option to export this data when I go to Account>Invoices Center. Where do I find this option?


I don’t think it is downloadable per se with a button. There is the old copy/paste method , it’s what I do when I need billing info.
Happy pasting, you know where they are I have read. Sorry the news isn’t better.


Hi @r.e.johnston

I don’t see a way to export the data either.

When you look at a detailed invoice, there is an icon of a printer. If you click that you will see a detailed screen of just that invoice. On that screen you can use the browser print function and save the output to a file or printer.


I wonder if this was a feature of the old portal that’s no longer supported in the new portal


Hi @r.e.johnston,

@Ryan filled me in on your question and I wanted to reach out to you directly. We’ve actually never had the functionality that you mentioned (e.g., ability to .csv monthly bill statements). The best way to handle is to select invoices from the past 365 days and use the printer icon to generate a PDF format of each invoice individually. I hope this helps!


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