Where do I find my password for my WiFi?

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If you have Windows computer connected to your network, then open the “Control Panel” to get to your WiFi password. For those using Window 10, type in Control Panel where is say “ask me anything.”

  1. Once you are in the Control Panel, select “Network and Internet.”

  2. Next select “Network and Sharing Center.”

  3. Where it says “Access type Connections” select your Wireless network connection, assuming your computer is connected wireless.

  4. Next, assuming your computer is connected wireless, where is says “General” you will see two buttons one will say “Details” and the other “Wireless Properties.” Select “Wireless Properties.”

  5. Now select the “Security” tab.

  6. Place a check mark in the “Show characters box.” your password will show in the box above it.

On my Win7

  • Bottom right (show hidden icons … the up ^ icon if you don’t see the cell bars indicator)
  • Select your Internet access
  • Right click your routers name then Select Properties and show password
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