Where do I get a new sim card for unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7?


I upgraded my old Moto E 1st generation phone and bought an unlocked certified preowned Galaxy S7 off Amazon.

Where or how do I get the correct Republic wireless Sim card to activate my new phone and transfer my old number from the Moto E?


You purchase it right in our online store; Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless


Thanks so much for the prompt reply. I was trying to transfer the current sim card but didn’t think that was right.


Please be certain that certified preowned Galaxy S7 is the North American factory unlocked variant designated model SM-G930U. If it’s any other model, it won’t work with Republic. Amazon sells a variety of Galaxy S7s. Not all are the North American factory unlocked variant. More here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.


Thanks for the heads up. How do I know which model number it is?


Never mind. I just found it under Settings: About Phone.

I do have Model SM-G930U so I should be all good.

Thanks again.


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