Where do I go to buy more data?



I have accidentally run myself out of data and I still have a couple weeks left before my month is up.

I need to purchase some more data, but I don’t see where to buy it anymore. Have they done away with that? I don’t want to increase my cell data plan. I just want to buy some more date. Like a half gig. Where do I go to do that? I used to do it right from my phone. That option doesn’t seem to be there anymore.


Hi @brent

The general process for adding more cell data or upgrading one’s plan to one offering more cell data follows:

  1. Open the Republic app on the phone in question.
  2. Tap green circle with white plus sign.
  3. Tap Change Plans.
  4. Sign into the appropriate Republic account.
  5. You’ll see options for adding data and/or changing plans.

If more specifics would be helpful, please open the Republic app on your phone and quote, for us, the words describing your current plan located underneath your phone number.


for all plans changes and data adds are done though the app as @rolandh posted

as you did not start what phone or plan you currently have here a quick summary

  • 1.0 plans never had a data add on option but could switch between $10 no data to a $25 3G data or a $40 4G* data plan with 2 switches a month
    *needs to have a LTE capable phone

  • 2.0 had a data add on with unused refund and plans where basically a billing date renewal of add on data

  • 3.0 does not have a data add on if one runs out of the data on current tier one must buy up to next tier (one can then downgrade back to normal tier which will take place on billing cycle there no refund of unused data