Where do the reviews in the RW store come from?


I’d like to review a phone I bought from RW’s store, but I have NO idea how to do it. Is this a secret? Clue me in!

Thanks in advance.

Hi @bsquared,

How long ago did you buy the phone? Usually, within a couple of weeks of purchase, Trustpilot will send you an invitation to write a review.

I bought the phone in the fall. Must have missed my chance. :slightly_frowning_face: Is there a way to get another?


I think you can go to this page:

Republic Wireless Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www.republicwireless.com

and click on this link to write one:

This will allow you to write a review of our service. This review will not end up in our online store as a review of the phone, though.

@bsquared, our marketing team is looking into whether the invitations are being sent for the A21 phones. I do not know if they can re-trigger yours specifically. Trustpilot works very hard to prevent any possibility of cherry-picking, and allowing a seller to send reviews to specific customers would seem like a possible opening for such behavior. (I don’t mean that specific to your request to write a review, but in general.)

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