Where is actual support?


Id like to actually talk with someone from Republic about how frustrating it is when theres an issue. Is that possible?


You can request a phone call from support.


hi @benjamind.9v8s7x,

Would you like to have this conversation here in Community, by private DM, or would you like me to call you during business hours tomorrow?

Is there something in particular you need help with, or do you need to only give feedback on a support experience?


Hi @benjamind.9v8s7x

If you are not familiar with RW’s community forum, it’s may seem a little different at first, but often it’s found preferable.

Here is a document you may find helpful.

If you care to share with us your issue, we would be happy to suggest options. I can see from your profile that you have been around for a while, but are new to the revamped forum platform.

You have the attention, would you mind sharing?.