Where is all my data going?


My daughter has the same issue. I keep my cell off and I noticed my phone consumes way too much cell service too. I’ve been unhappy with Republic ever since they had the plan expansion 3 years ago. :frowning:


do you have any of these 15 apps installed and use them


Are you experiencing data usage such as the one above which does not correlate to that reported in the RW app?


My daughter uses RW and her data vanishes. As for me, I’m on WIFI 90% of the time and up until the last year I hardly used any data and I left my cell service on all the time. Now I turn my cell service off most of the time. I have WIFI at work and home. There’s no reason for my data usage to have gone up. I don’t watch youtube’s unless I’m on WIFI….nothing that takes a large amount of data….When I was on the refund plans I didn’t use much either. It seems to have become a problem since I went from my 1st gen Motox to the Pure Edition.


Along with opening a ticket, I provided RW with screenshots of all of the data usage screens from both the Republic app as well as the Android data usage. Both of the data summarizing apps show approximately the same apps and data usage over the past 15 days which was almost nothing. But both show a huge gulp of about 800MB yesterday with no explanation. This is the same info I provided to support about a month ago when this happened. At that time, they recommended that I use Data Freeze which I have now been using except for the short time yesterday when the “dam burst” and all of that data flooded away. (I’ve turned it back on now.) This time, support recommended that I do a complete reset of my network settings, which include both cell and Wi-Fi settings on the phone. They acknowledged that “the cause of the problem is still unclear.” RW replaced my missing data, but I’m still uneasy about turning Data Freeze off. The Mobidia “My Data Manager” is interesting and I may try it if it can report data usage that Android and RW are not reporting.


That is most unusual… I hope support is able to sort it out for you. I can understand your trepidation for switching off Data Freeze…but I feel you should keep it off and see what data usage you get and whether the data usage reported by Android and RW app track each other…less the data usage for RW App itself which is not counted towards your monthly allotment…other than that there should not be any data usage by the phone…the one exception that I know of is the system updates…if your phone downloads a system update while you are on cellular data then that data usage might not get captured in Android data. I am very curious how your issue plays out…do let us know. Another thing to try would be use a firewall such as Netguard and see if you can control the data on a per app basis and see if the app data usage makes sense in Android data and RW app.


I would encourage you to take a look at the RW app and compare that per app data usage to that reported by Android data. If those match…then what you are experiencing might not be the same issue as being reported by the OP.

Refund plan phones had the ability to control data usage on a per app basis…you can get similar functionality by using third party apps such as Netguard


If your data usage in the RW app does not match that in the Android data…then I would encourage you to open a ticket and work with Republic support to resolve your issue.


Please tell me how I can check that.


See here for how info on how to check the per-app usage in your RW app. The screenshots are slightly outdated as the latest RW app version now reports data usage in actual MBs…but all the other info in the document should work, let me know if you run into any issues.

As for Android Data usage…go to Settings -> Data Usage -> Cellular data usage

Make sure that your Android date ranges coincide with your billing cycle… you can change the date range
by clicking on the gear icon


I have no idea what it would be using in the play store. I don’t do games and the only time I listen to YouTube’s is when I’m on WiFi


C could this be so the tracking Google does on their customers?


Generally Google Play Store usage is apps updating while you’re on cellular.


As @louisdi noted… the play store usage is likely your apps are auto-updating while on cellular data.
To prevent this go to the play store app

Settings -> Auto-update apps
And change it to Wifi only
As a personal preference… I just keep it at “Do not auto-update apps”…that way the app update does not
interfere with what I might be doing on the phone.


I had missed the link in my earlier post about the instructions to review your per day data usage in the RW app.
They can be found here


I don’t find that option under my settings


Keep in mind I turn my cell off 90 percent of the time


First open the Play store app

Then tap on the three horiztontal lines in the top left

Towards the bottom of the list…tap on Settings

Tap on “Auto-update Apps”
and change it to WiFi only or Do not auto-update apps.


Youtube or similar apps can be very “data hungry”… it would not matter for how short a duration you keep your cell data on…if you are not on WiFi…then it is going to go use your cell data. Try using the Netguard firewall
to limit Youtube and similar apps to work on WiFi only…and let us know if you see an improvement in your
cellular data usage.


I’m assuming netguard is an app?


Ok. I found that app and I’ll let you know how it works. Thank you