Where is my arc?


Since the update a few days ago, I have no arc. I also am unable to block calls. All my settings are correct, and double checked. Samsung S7.


I got the update on my S7 today. I still have my arc but it took a restart to get back into the Play Store.


I’ve done a couple of restarts. Still no arc…I am on tmo, switched Sim from Sprint about a week ago, but the arc was there until the update. Arghhh


Check this:

Republic App
Gear Top-right
Advanced Settings
Is there a check mark by “Show the Republic notification?”


Yes, box is ticked. Checked that first thing.


I’m stumped. While I was there I removed check mark. Arc went away. Replaced check mark, arc came back.


This is a long shot:



That’s it! Thank you! Somehow it got turned off. Fat thumbs I guess…


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