Where is my data going?

So I’m on 3.0 with a pixel phone with the 1gb plan. I have cell data un-checked in the Republic app (i turn it back on if i’m out and need it…which i have NOT done since my last billing cycle)
When i look at my usage though, it says i have used 4mb.
The republic app tells me its the android os, google account manager,input devices leaking the data
question: Why is my data leaking out?

A unsuccessful chat with a republic rep said to try turning off the data from setting (which we all know we should not since it can screw up texting and such).

I have used this procedure with my old moto x on 2.0 and never had data leak…

Android probably used a little data to back up contacts, Wi-Fi passwords, etc… Android services such as backup and restore / device manager do that from time-to-time. I wouldn’t sweat it. You have 1 GB to use, and you get no bonus for not using it.

Hi @johns.1k5o1y

I think it is important here to describe where you are getting your Data Usage statistics.

RW and Android may report data usage differently depending on many different configurations/scenario’s.

@cbwahlstrom is correct. Android may report more data, but the RW app is the one that counts…(the App itself uses data that android measures, but RW does not count that data against your allotment…).

Thank you both for the reply. It’s the Republic app that I’m going by.

How often do you turn off and back on the phone?

At least once or twice a day.

(when it boots back up I go and look and see if that setting is still unchecked… it always is)

also, when I do turn the phone on and off it is always at home with wifi going.

Thanks Seanr

Some data can leak when the phone is powering on before our app has a change to load and block usage. Since all of the apps using the data are system apps that load before we do, they can use a bit of data at that time. The small amount of data use strengthens my suspicions.

That makes sense. Thank you

I will try not rebooting and see if can slow down the data trickle.

Thank you seanr

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