Where is Setting that Turns Screen Off during Calls?



On my Moto G XT1031 (16GB) 1st *Generation, where is the setting, effective during calls, that causes the screen to darken whenever your face or fingers get near the screen? I’ve seen it, but now I can’t find it. I know it’s supposed to save the battery, but I want to turn off that feature, because it prevents me from adjusting the volume during calls. I can push the lower of the two buttons on the side of the phone to see the loudness setting, but when I try to put my finger on that bar to alter it, the screen disappears, so I can’t change it.
*Also, is there anywhere on the phone itself that tells you which “Generation” your phone is? I found the info online but not in any field on the phone.


Hello @marvins.kxdmns
I’m not sure there a way to turn the feature off as it has a use other than just battery saving, it prevent accidental pressing of the screen (and hanging up on the call/swapping to speaker, random dial muting)
Volume can be control by the physical buttons (keep pressing up and it will increase keep pressing down and it will decrease )

the screen should come back if you pull it away from your phone (make sure the sensors on the top are not covered (usually by a case or screen protector)

I personally have the accessibility setting of “Power button ends call” turn off so I can press the power button to wake the phone (after screen timeout in speaker mode)
Setting :settingsicon: --> Accessibility --> Power button ends call (slide to off)

there is also apps that can wake the screen on movement of the phone like


I don’t think there is a setting for the proximity sensor. It is a built-in function of the phone. If something, like a finger or the edge of the phone case, is covering the proximity sensor, the screen will stay dark. The proximity sensor typically is a tiny lens near the top of the screen next to the speaker.

Nothing on the phone that I’m aware of tells you what generation the phone is. The About Phone section of the settings only tells you the model number.


Generally, with Motos, About phone will list the generation under Model. If no generation is listed, it’s a first generation model.



My G1 indicates it’s a G and my G3 indicates it’s a G3.


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