Where is the annual plan's savings?

What phone do you have? Moto G, Samsung Galaxy S9, Moto X

What plan are you on? Moto G is on wifi only, Galaxy is My Choice +1G and Moto X is My Choice+1G on the annual plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? I think they all have data but Moto G is only through wifi. So … no?

Issue Description

I just got the renewal notice offer for the annual plan for the Moto X. But I am puzzled. I pay the other two phones monthly. It’s $5 and $20 for the Moto G and the Samsung, respectively. Then $7+ in extra “your government at work” fees for a total of $32.16/month.

But the annual renewal plan bill is $249.14. If I divide that by 12 months, that’s $20.76/month. That doesn’t give the discount I thought it did. Isn’t it supposed to be pay ahead and get 12 months for the price of 10?

What am I missing and should I open a ticket for an answer? I was planning to shift things around this December - finally retiring the Moto G and wifi only plan. Thinking about putting all the phones on the annual plan. But I just don’t see the advantage to that the way I am reading this. Doubtless there is operator error! Can someone help me?

Oh wait. Looking at the fine print in the plan, I see plus taxes on the $20/month line it’s really $24.62/month. Polishing off my abacus gives me $295.44 for 12 months for the Samsung. So if I pay ahead for the Moto X, I save $46.30 for the year for the one phone. Well duh.

Once I realized brushing off the taxes was a problem, I was going to erase all this. But maybe my goof will help someone. Now I have to figure out the logistics of shuffling phones!


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