Where is the Cell Data I am paying for?

I have MOTO E4+ running Android 7.1.1 and have signed up for the 1GB per month of Cell Data but I can’t seem to use it. WiFi works when I am near a location that offers WiFi. My usage shows only 22.7 MB used. Yesterday i was away from home and tried to use Cell but was not able to connect to the Internet for Google or Maps etc… Cell Data is ON and Data saver is off. How do I get to use the data I am paying for?

Please start by checking the setting outlined here: How to Confirm Basic Network Settings on 3.0 Motorola, Nexus, and Alcatel Phones Running Android 7.1 Nougat and Below – Republic Help as Roaming Data needs to be turned on, as well as the settings in the Republic App may need to be tweeked.

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Hi @rogerm.0axklw ,

In addition to checking the setting @jben gave you… please check on this as well :wink:

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Hi @rogerm.0axklw ,

When you are out, away from WiFi and trying unsuccesfully to use cellular data, do you see a 3G, 4G, or LTE icon by the signal strength bars?

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I usually see LTE

The best I can confirm everything covered by jben is OK

Set Data Limit is set to off (switch is left)

Hi @rogerm.0axklw,

You mention usually seeing LTE. When you don’t see LTE, do you see 3G or 4G? Do you see an R or an X near the cell strength indicator? Is there a specific area (zip code), where you’re unable to access cell data?

Also, which of Republic’s cellular network partners is your phone provisioned for coverage with? Here’s how to tell:

I do not remember ever seeing anything but LTE. Sometimes the WiFi icon (upward pie shaped) has an X toward the bottom.

The phone is GSM

When you can’t access the internet, do you see the WiFi icon (pie shape) with the x?

If so, I’ve had the issue in the past when I added Xfinity’s WiFi and my cell would keep trying to connect to it, but not finish authenticating. It would interfere with my internet connection on my cell phone as WiFi was on (but not quite working) and data thought WiFi was handling traffic. If this is the case, try forgetting any WiFi networks that may be causing issues:

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The phone shows 31 mb Cell data used. So obviously I have been able to do some collection but I do not remember it working most of the time. But I will try the "Forget’ all the WiFi connections when I next go out. Right now I have 11 WiFi showing but I know a few are neighbors.

Is the Forget something I need to do when out and about?

Is there some way to wipe the phone of all the WiFi connections so I can start fresh?

Yes it shows the WiFi icon with an x

@rogerm.0axklw, you can forget the WiFi networks now. You don’t need to wait until you’re out and about. If you forget them now, they will be gone when you’re out and about. Please note that if you forget a network you commonly use, such as at home or work, it will not automatically connect and you will have to manually reconnect to WiFi at that location. You may not want to forget your home network as you may be using it now.

You may want to disable WiFi temporarily first and see if you’re able to use data at home. That might be a better troubleshooting step first.

Just shut off my WiFi. Tried to send an email. Hasn’t gone through. Tried Google Maps and it works.
I then tried a few Apps. RepublicWireless and most others did not work

Google Maps has an “offline” mode.

OK Ignoring Google Maps I hit 6 more Apps. None worked. So I am back to my original problem. I am and have been for a number of months been paying for 1GB cell data a month. I have not been traveling as anticipated so have not needed to use Cell Data. BUT i will need Cell Data starting in a week. How do I get the Cell Data I am paying for?

@ceedee is right. Google Maps can work offline. If WiFi is disabled completely (no pie icon), then I don’t think other networks are necessarily the cause. Forgetting them wouldn’t necessarily solve your problem.

@rolandh had a good question about coverage. Would you be able to share your zip code (just your zip code)?


Some areas of that ZIP have good coverage on the GSM network, others, not so much. If you look on the map here: Personal Coverage Check (t-mobile.com) and drill in to your area, what does it say for coverage? Does it say “Fair”, “Good”, “Excellent”?

OK I understand the coverage thing. I was in Downtown Ravenna, Ohio Saturday, and tried to do a Google search “Covid test near me”. I got no hits
Checking my house location where I am right now and I get “4G Fair or 4G Good”. Shouldn’t my Apps work?

Also tried Google Search and got “You’re offline”

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