Where is the sim card located in the Motorola Defy XT?

I have lost cellular service and want to try removing and replacing the sim card but I can’t seem to find it.

There isn’t one. Stop looking. :stop_sign:
It’s a 3g phone, which didn’t require a SIM on CDMA phones, as there is no LTE access.

I don’t have a Defy XT, but hopefully someone will be able to help out with your issue.

I can’t even find a place to set the cellular service, only Wi-Fi. So I guess I will give up on this phone. Thank you for the quick reply.

Found this in the Help section (top center)

Also found this

Thank you. I had seen that and already tried it. Didn’t work. Still no cell signal. I was told that there is no sim card in the Defy XT (at least not something that can be replaced.) I believe they told me that it doesn’t have one because it is CDMA (?). When the phone starts up it shows 3G and one tiny little cell signal bar. After Wi-Fi gets started the 3G symbol goes away and it shows a full Wi-Fi signal and no cell bars at all.
I think the phone has bit the dust

Given its age, its a testament to the engineering of that phone that it has worked this long. These days 2-3 years is considered ancient for a cell phone. In any case, the symptoms you’re describing could be the death of the cellular radio, but since you’re seeing a signal at start-up I’m wondering If something is interfering. What happens if you try Safe Mode?

Also, have you seen this: No Cellular Service on DEFY XT – Republic Help if you haven’t already, and you’re seeing the red circle on your signal bars, I would open a ticket.

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