Where There's a Will, There's a Way! RW iPhones!

I completely understand that RW has to modify phones to use their service. I get it. Why doesn’t RW do it the other way around and work something out where they send their proprietary info to Apple so we can get RW model iPhones?? I’d be willing to pay for them!

That’s the reason I stayed almost 20 years with Sprint, because I didn’t want to give up my iPhones! Is their some way where I could get a basic android RW phone and either piggyback or pair it to an iPhone so I could use it on RW?? I already carry two phones as it is.


The CEO of Republic said last year, in an interview, that iPhones are being worked on in one way or another.

Republic no longer modifies phones for its service, but it does require the phone to expose certain capabilities. Until very recently, Apple did not expose such capabilities to 3rd parties.

Trust me, Republic would love to be able to sell service to iPhone users. It’s not for lack of desire.


I heartily agree with you. I’m currently on one of the Android phones, but I would switch to an iPhone in a heartbeat if I could. What I would do right now if you have to have an iPhone is get an android phone to hold as some sort of dummy. The Republic Anywhere app works on iOS and offers texting and calling. No, you wouldn’t get data and you’d need WiFi for it to work, but it’s currently possible to use an iPhone with Republic. Not as a fully fledged phone, but you can call and text with an iPhone with their messaging app.

Maybe we could each send Tim Cook an email asking him if they’re planning on opening up the APIs for companies like Republic… Apparently he reads all his mail even if he doesn’t respond. I already sent him a request, but if 100 other people did, maybe it would get some sort of response.

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I believe only beta users can make calls with Anywhere right now. However, that feature will be rolling out to all RW customers in the future.

If I remember correctly, the RW CEO said something about Apple opening up an API that will allow RW to be used on iPhones in 2018. [Edit: He was talking about Callkit, not an API]. You can listen to this podcast below to hear what he said about that and other things. It’s pretty interesting.

Yes, I think you’re right about that. My guess is that feature will be rolled out before iPhones join the RW phone lineup, so that’s probably the best route if someone absolutely has to have an iPhone.

I did listen to that podcast a while ago. I don’t recall any APIs being mentioned that Apple opened up. They do have CallKit, but that doesn’t offer options for the custom WiFi/Cell call blending that Republic specializes in. Those APIs either don’t exist, or Apple hasn’t opened them up to developers yet. Republic is trying to develop their own workaround which is why they hope to come out with this year, but having an official API from Apple would make the process exponentially easier for Republic.

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You’re right. He was speaking about CallKit; not an API for the iPhone. I went back and listened to exactly what the RW CEO said about this, which is around 12 minutes and 30 seconds into the podcast.

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