Where to buy used phones?

Is there a page where community members sell their old phones? I vaguely remember that there was somewhere. Failing that, I know of eBay, Craigslist and Swappa as places to look. Do you have other suggestions?

FWIW I’m looking for a legacy phone (E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2). My phone had been getting finicky about charging - I think the problem may be the port - but today it’s completely failing to take any charge at all. I have a backup with a badly-broken screen, but of course want to get something more fully functional.

FWIW I’m not averse to taking the phones apart with sufficient documentation or guidance, though that will likely require time and/or replacement parts and so would be better done in addition to getting a functional phone. (Yes, I have the specialty screw driver bits and even a soldering iron!) Even so, advice is welcome (for fixing either phone). The phone with the smashed screen is a Moto E2, and the phone which won’t boot is a G3.

There isn’t anywhere in the Republic Wireless community to buy and sell used phones. In fact, it is prohibited. I imagine eBay would be your best bet for a used legacy phone like you’re looking for, but I would prepare to be disappointed. These phones are beyond their life expectancy, and with the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, and the upcoming switch to voice over LTE, I don’t see much in the way of a positive experience ahead for these phones.

As for repair, instructions and tools are available on iFixit. If you need parts other than a battery, eBay is probably your best bet.


One has to wonder about the purpose of forbidding the sale of phones within the Republic community. It makes it feel less of a community than another users vs. management type of organization. :frowning: It’s also discouraging that the Defy phones were dropped, while legacy accounts are surely going to get squeezed out, given that one can’t use their pricing with any phones than those originally allowed. It rather makes me think that I should begin thinking about other carriers to prepare for the inevitable time when RW requires me to move into a more costly account. Well, it was a nice ride while it lasted. Sigh.

In my local community Craigslist was a popular way to buy and sell for a while. It was also a not so popular way to get robbed. My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that Republic Wireless doesn’t want to be in the middle of user to user transactions if something goes wrong. Who wants to be in the middle of mediating disputes, authenticating users, and handling law enforcement requests for information on user to user transactions? Even if problems occur very infrequently.

As for the rest of your discussion, yeah…I can empathize with that. Change is inevitable, but I don’t necessarily have to like it.


In response to this question previously it was stated that Republic both thinks there are already places specifically made to do such a task (and that offer buyer and seller protection, secure payment methods, etc) and that there would be risks in Republic doing so. Republic doesn’t have the staffing to re-create eBay or Swappa’s protections and invariably, when something goes wrong on such an sale the “marketplace” is drawn in. Even if it didn’t cost Republic dollars, it could cost them good will with a customer that has a bad experience with such a sale on its site.


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