Where to find a OEM Replacement Battery for the Moto X Pure Edition (IFIXIT Is out of stock)

I am looking for OEM Motorola replacement batteries for the Moto X Pure Edition. I saw the post here - Battery replacement Moto X Pure

however ifixit no longer carries this battery. Does anyone else know of a place i can purchase an OEM battery or otherwise reputable battery you have experience with?

model # - SNN5964A

Wesley, Given the age of the phone the OEM and 3rd parties stop making batteries for them. Other than a Google search, it’s unlikely that any major source is going to restock them.


I’m sorry I know it’s bad. Motorola Pure Edition X was a great phone. I still have mine but can’t use it due to the battery. :frowning: I had to buy a brand new phone. :frowning:

I wish you the best of finding a new phone. Again, I know it’s bad when you want a new battery for Pure Edition X.

Hi @donnab,

It’s kind of you to empathize with the situation @wesley has described.

What phone did you end up buying to replace your Moto X Pure, and how does it compare?

Hi @southpaw,

I bought Moto e6. It’s a bit smaller than my old one. I found Moto e6 a bit slow once you turn it on. I also found when it updates apps it is slow going. But it’s better to have a phone than having no phone.

I did find Moto e6 different because of the set up. It takes getting used to. I’m very surprised I could hear on the other end since it’s M3 instead of M4 which is the highest rating for hearing aid compatible. That is my biggest concern is to able to hear on the other end when I buy a phone. Oh, I’m deaf and I wear a hearing aid.

But for now, my current phone is satisfactory.

Thank you for asking.


try EBAY

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