Where to get new screen for my phone


How and where do I go about getting a new screen for my phone?
Moto x 2nd gen.


There are places you can check out online. Ubreakifix.com is one. Google it!

After you get the quote, you may want to invest in a new phone. It’s not cheap!


Additionally, at the time of getting quotes you may want to have the battery replaced, as it will be sort of exposed during the fixing process.


About a year ago I sent a Moto X 2nd gen to Motorola for repair. The cost was $125 including shipping both ways. I tried a couple local repair places, but none of them wanted to touch it (evidently the screws holding the phone together commonly strip during repair). https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/mcp/service/


I recommend Moorola as @cbwahlstrom said. I have used them a few times and they do a good job.


I heard good things about CPR (a national chain of cell repair)

of course other local shops may be a better deal
just a note about Motorola repair will most likely be a refurbish replacement and not a repair the one I got back had the QE bit set to 1 (as if I rooted the phone) and they would not take ownership (I can not get the latest OS update :frowning: )


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