Where's my swag?


So my girlfriend has received 2 Republic packages. 1 with a Republic t-shirt and another one yesterday with some sort of a case and a water bottle. I was the one who got her to sign up a year ago. I’ve been with Republic much longer. What gives?!!?! :slight_smile:


Basically sounds like Republic likes her better than you. But really, Republic will sometimes send things like this to people, there’s not a particular public logic that they’ve exposed. It could be because she had some ticket issues, or she posted something nice somewhere, or they just like her face.


Honestly @ericl.pi3yfx, @louisdi nailed it.
At least no one hanging around these forums knows what particular pattern emerges that designates that relationship.

Whether-or-Not they like her better than you is not something the community can help with, I really can’t even recommend opening a support ticket.