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*I have the Moto g7 power

I am on the Talk and Text plan

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Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

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I have a moto g7 power phone with a 3rd party app. A call came through and I clicked for “Call Screening.” It was taking down the dialogue - Now, how/where do I find the transcribed?


You might better be helped by the app developer, else post the Google Play Store link to the specific 3rd party app and hope someone here with a G7 Power would test for you.

Hi @ianthah,

What’s the name of the app? Maybe we can figure out where it’s storing the transcription. :thinking:

I have a G7 Play with this function which I believe is part of the 10.0 OS
To learn more, open the phone app, tap on the 3 dots at top right, tap on settings, then tap on call screen. There is a demo you can check or option to learn more.
In the learn more, it says transcripts are saved only on the phone in the call log.
I have used the screen calls option, but have not had anyone respond. Hope this helps. I’ll try to test that function too.

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After some testing.
In recent calls, tap on the call, then tap on history. Under the caller, transcript will be listed. But calling myself did not give such good results in my current location, for what I as the caller said.
Hope this helps you!

Also…I may be off on this if you are using a 3rd party app. I missed read that. Then when checking in my phone settings, it mentioned working for all pixel phones. The transcripts I received were mostly what the Google response was to the caller and a few words from the caller.


The app is called “Call Screening” and I believe it’s Google. Thank you

If what you are using is simply the call screening function of the phone app, the help information can be found at:


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This old Dino thanks you and all that tried.



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