Where's my Voicemail?! Latest update to Google Phone App removes Voicemail tab!

Where’s My Voicemail?! The latest update to the Google Phone app removed the Voicemail tab from many Pixel and Motorola phones. Beginning 4/19/21 we are rolling out an update to the Republic app which will restore the voicemail tab, see the instructions in this Help Article: Visual Voicemail Suddenly Missing – Republic Help


I was able to toggle the visual voicemail setting off and on to get the tab back. I have a Pixel 3. It may just be me.

That worked for my Pixel 4a/5g too!

That method seems to work on some phones, but only half worked on my Moto. It brought back the voicemail tab but kept “setting up visual voicemail” forever and would reset (removing the vm tab again) on restarting the phone.

Uninstalling the Phone updates fixed it correctly.

When was this update? My Phone by Google app on my Pixel last updated March 9th.

It was a while ago. My vm tab started disappearing well over a month ago, I just was using a workaround and never got around to contacting support about it.

If it’s not referring to any newer issue, then that workaround worked for me and I haven’t had it disappear again. The “activating visual voicemail” thing isn’t too bothersome.

Hi @theresar,
It’s not just you, but it is only an option for GSM-provisioned phones, so we prefer to provide a “one-size-fits-all” solution instead of an “If this then do this, but if that then do the other thing” solution.


Happy I found this fix. It happened on my Pixel 2 starting a few days ago and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Not sure if this means we lose some features. Will we be able to start taking updates again for the phone app at a later date once a fix is in place?

No problem here. The tab is still in place and working on my Pixel 3a.

The goal is for this to be a temporary workaround as our engineers are looking into a permanent solution.


Where is the visual voicemail setting? I looked in my phone settings and didn’t see it. Thanks!

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yes could someone please post where we could find the visual voicemail setting. I have Pixel 3a and would like to try the toggle off / on tick to make it work

Hi southpaw.

That fix that Republic e-mailed does not work on Pixel 3a…google will not permit that app to uninstall via playstore app.

I even tried the update first and then uninstall. That works once and then it installs itself (even though I have unchecked the auto-install tab).

Screenshots show the above.


Based on the timestamps the screen shot at 9:40 is the last step and that’s exactly what you want. The app installed, but not updated.

Yes that is the case BUT the problem remains unsolved. That is to say the visual voicemail feature still does not work. Below is the screenshot of the dialer that does not have the voicemail status… FYI I have the following setup:
dialer app version 58.0.354390404
Phone by google app version 62.0.360486235

Phone is Pixel 3a

Hi @syeda.6bttib,

The goal isn’t to unintall the app, but to uninstall the updates. So you want the Play Store showing the “update” button, but you don’t want to hit that button.


When the update is uninstalled, please be sure to close the Phone app by swiping it out of recent apps, and reboot the phone.

Is the voicemail tab restored after reboot?

Thank…and I have done exactly that. And the reason for being persistent in this thread is that the fix of uninstalling the update to the Google phone and rebooting the phone does not work completely – the visual voicemail tab in the dialer is not fixed (it appears after the reboot and then disappears).

I did exactly that and first time after reboot the VM tab shows in the dialer. Then if I close the dialer and then reopen the dialer the VM tab disappears. So the fix works only the first time and to “keep it” one needs make sure dialer remains open…And for completeness the phone app is set with auto-update off and is the same older version.

Very very strange and suggests that the issue is just more complicated than just uninstalling the Phone app update – it has done something else and just the rollback to older version does not fix the problem (well makes the VM tab work once after reboot and then if one closes the dialer the fix is gone…).

Screen shots showing the above:

(1) Note phone app update is uninstalled:

(2) after reboot VM tab in dialer appears - problem looks like fixed


(3) after closing and reopening dialer the VM tab is gone -- problem is back.


Hi @syeda.6bttib,

Since you have a Pixel, are you able to toggle the visual voicemail setting?

  1. Open the Phone app
  2. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Voicemail
  5. Move the Visual voicemail slider to the right

You’ll see a persistent warning that Visual Voicemail is “activating” but we believe this warning message can be safely ignored.

My wife and I both Moto E’s and our voicemail tab is gone also.
How do we fix that on our moto’s? Rebooting didn’t work.

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