Where's my Voicemail?! Latest update to Google Phone App removes Voicemail tab!

I see a 'Visual Voicemail in settings is turned off. Do I enable (turn that on)?

Hi @mak ,

We’d like you to try these instructions, first:

Thank you so much. Worked on both phones.
NOW I can’t access mine because I never set up a password.
How do I do that?

Here you go:

Yeaaa! Worked!
Thanks again.

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What phone do you have?
moto g6
What plan are you on?
1 gb
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Where did my phone messages go? My screen shows favoriets, recent and contacts but no place showing the message that was left! Help (please!)

Your Messages :messages:, icon should be able to be ‘found’ in the app library :appsicon:, then you can move it back to the Home screen where you want it,

Hi @ralphp.nrpj5b,

If you are referring to your voicemail messages, please see this Help Article to restore the Voicemail tab to your phone app:


Checking voicemail “the old way” works fine, but how does uninstalling the Phone app “fix” anything? Won’t that leave me without a dialer?

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The idea of the temp fix (till Google release one), is to uninstall the updates leaving an older version of the phone app.

Please look over the instructions for your phone:

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When you click uninstall, it only uninstalls the updates, not the dialer.
The dialer will remain, but reset back to pre updates.
You will still have a dialer. (Then turn off auto updates)
I thought the same thing, but took a leap of faith and it worked.

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I’ll add a note to the instructions that you’re only uninstalling updates, not removing the “Phone” from your phone!

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What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I have a Motorola 5G ACE phone. I’m on the MyChoice +1 GB phone plan.

Just yesterday I’ve been unable to find voicemails which have been left on my number. I see the notification icon for voicemails, but when I touch it it takes me to my phone screen which only shows categories of “favorites” “recent” and “contacts”. I haven’t been able to see any other settings or information to access my voicemails.

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Please see:


I recently bought one from RW and am enjoying it. I am confused, however, as to how to play/find voicemails. Is there some sort of setting that I am missing?

Hi @johng.u7md8l ,

This is how you would get to visual voicemail:

But if you’re not seeing the button for voicemail… it could be this:

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