Where's the $40 coupon?

It says one gets it through the email list but I can’t find out how to subscribe to it.


Hi @robbs,

I’m not sure what your source is when you say “it says…”.

Our documentation on Special Offers and Promotions lists one $40-off offer for new subscribers, and is clear that the offer is for new service lines. When you visit the online store, the box to subscribe pops up automatically. If it doesn’t. you’re likely already subscribed, or you’ve already dismissed the offer.

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Thanks SP… though I signed up here as a member way back in 2014… I kept putting off getting a smartphone until there was a reduction in my home spam calls. I want to port that home phone number over. So I saw that $40 notice when I returned… then could never find it again. I was thinking of going with Spectrum mobile but I don’t like their phones and always liked the idea of wifi calling from… say Canada.

Hi @robbs,

If you would be setting up a new account or adding a lin on an existing account, then the discount would apply for you. If you’re not seeing the pop-up offer in our online store, try visiting the online store with your browser in incognito mode, and make sure you don’t have any pop-up blockers running.

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