Where's the $40 Off a Phone?

I’ve been here at RW for years but never had a RW phone. So today I was going to buy one and was told in a previous thread that " Our documentation on Special Offers and Promotions lists one $40-off offer for new subscribers, and is clear that the offer is for new service lines. When you visit the online store, the box to subscribe pops up automatically."

Well I am subscribed to the email list as of some days ago… and I was logged into my account so they know it’s me showing my shipping addresse etc. But the price for the phone is full price.

I followed the link you provided and found this, and I am guessing the 1st sentence explains your problem, but have added the item and some highlight/notes for clarity
Note: you would need to sign up by following the Get $40 Off link below

Get $40 Off a New Phone
New subscribers to our mailing list receive an email and coupon for $40 off a new phone purchase at republicwireless.com.*

Valid for new customers and new lines only (*i.e. not upgrades), Republic Wireless will take $40 off a new phone purchase provided you do the following: (1) activate a valid Republic Wireless phone plan within thirty (30) days of purchase and (2) remain an active member in good standing through two (2) billing cycles, which will be approximately 60 days. Should you fail to meet these criteria, you agree that Republic Wireless can charge your credit card on file the $40 discount that you received upon purchase which was based on your agreement to fulfill these two requirements.

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Hi @robbs

Maybe the email and coupon got sent to your email spam folder? :thinking:

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Thanks! That worked. My spam filter blocks out remote images. And without seeing the coupon it wasn’t clear what the link was for. I expected the coupon popup to appear on its own because RW already had my email.


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