Which Amazon sellers are trustworthy for SIM cards?

A Help article titled “Where Can I Purchase a Republic Wireless SIM Card?” points to both the Republic Wireless online store and Amazon itself. The Amazon route is cheaper, plus I can also buy a Micro SD card while I’m at it.

However, the Republic Wireless SIM cards are sold by third-party sellers, not Amazon itself, nor Republic Wireless. I generally try to avoid third-party sellers unless I know they’re trustworthy.

On Amazon, there are currently two third-party sellers selling Republic Wireless SIM cards. One is “Twinleaf Trails, Inc.” The other is “Relay”. Are either (or both) of these sellers affiliated with Republic Wireless?

I notice that the seller “Relay” has the same name as a device associated with Republic Wireless, so I’m guessing that it might actually be a subsidiary of RW. Is that correct? What about Twinleaf Trails? Any affiliation?

I order a couple of SIMs from Amazon less than 2 weeks ago for $1.00 each. They did arrive the next day with my Prime membership.


Hi @jamesp.ueanfw,

Relay is a Republic Wireless brand. Buying a SIM from “Relay” on Amazon is indeed buying from Republic.

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I see that one twinleaf listed for 29 cents today. Hard to go wrong at that price with prime shipping.

To be clear, the only one that is being officially sold by Republic is the one for sale by “Relay”. (This is also true for the data only SIM).


So the twinleaf for .29 is fake and even though seems to work is now stealing data. it is Amazon prime and I will go after Amazon. So can a sim steal data even though it seems to work??? It seems too good to be true. Is it stealing my info or something to make up for the .29 cost?

Should i junk the sim and factory reset the new phone and start over from a true republic wireless sim? Yes phone shows on my account but you made me afraid I have my phone is hijacked.

so untrustworthy and will hijack or malware phone. Just evil? Even if work throw away and nuke now?

No, the SIM will either work or not. Nothing to worry about. I do wonder about the seller though because $0.29 doesn’t even cover the Amazon fees which means they are losing money on every one. If Republic does that it is because it is an enticement to get service. Why a 3rd party would do it is beyond me.

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Well for $0.29 and free shipping, just get one and see. Maybe someone from rw could check it out and let the rest of us know. Has this party been selling them for awhile? How’s his seller rep?

If they aren’t legitimate SIMs, they won’t activate. It’s pretty much that simple.

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