Which comes FIRST, new phone or new plan? and how?


I’m in a chicken/egg situation. I am on 1.0 and want to buy a new phone, the Moto e4. To do so, I have BOTH change plan from 1.0 to 3.0, which I’m fine with. But I don’t know which to do FIRST and how to change the plan. Please help, as I’m getting really frustrated. I’ve tried so many chats and keep getting answers that don’t help. Thanks.


I’m no good at finding the appropriate links, and someone will come by and do it for me, I’m sure. But you will order your phone first. Then when you get the phone, you’ll activate it as a replacement, not a new line, and you’ll pick the 3.0 plan you want, and it will activate the new E4 and the old 1.0 phone will be deactivated. Here’s one link that should help some… Activate Your Phone


Thanks, jumphour, that’s a good start. But how do I buy the Moto e4? When I try, it asks for which plan I’m on and then looks like it wants to treat me like a new customer.


Here’s a link with an ordering tutorial. How to Use the Online Store

From what I’ve read on here, you choose a plan when you order, but it’s really just a placeholder, and when you get your phone, you can activate it with the 3.0 plan that you really want.

I searched on the keyword “placeholder”, and found this post that might help… https://forums.republicwireless.com/t/already-have-a-plan-just-need-a-phone/1905

The person that wrote the reply, @rolandh , is really good at this stuff, and will probably pop in and help out if you have any other questions (or any of the other Ambassadors…whoever sees it first will get you going!)

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As an example, I had a Moto X 1st Gen. on the 2.0 refund plan. I wanted to try out the 3.0 and the new GSM carrier, and Amazon happened to have a great sale on a phone I wanted. So I ordered the phone and a Republic SIM card. When I got the phone, I put in the SIM card, turned the phone back on, and it pretty much walked me through the activation process when I opened up the Republic app on the phone…I chose my plan, the phone did it’s activation thing, and my old phone was then deactivated and my new one was up and running. There are instructions in the box, I’m sure, too.


Great stuff, jumphour. Now, just one more thing. I’m actually doing this for both my phone and my wife’s. So I’m hoping that I can simply add two phones to my cart. Then, when they arrive and I activate each, is there a way to make sure the right phone gets the right number transferred to the new phone?


Honestly, I don’t know, since I haven’t done that, but hopefully someone will jump in quickly with an answer!

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Hi @edwards.y3cjaw

As @jumphour said, you are not making a plan purchase in the store. You are shown the plan costs so you will know what the total will be - you’ll see this at checkout. You are not selecting or purchasing a plan at that time. That happens when you receive the phone and activate it.

When you receive the phone and turn it on, it will go through activation. When you get to activation for Republic, you will login to your Republic account and select to Replace (one of your two numbers). This is how you get one number on a specific phone. This will also deactivate the old phone that had that number as well as the plan on that phone. .


Hi @edwards.y3cjaw,

Thanks so much for researching in detail before purchasing! These are great questions you’re asking.

Please notice that the gold E4 is on backorder, so that one will take a little longer to be delivered.

If you notice any difference in coverage once you get those E4s activated, please let us know, we’d rather work with you on that than see you leave.

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