Which is better, the Motorola Moto G7 Play or the Samsung Galaxy A10e?

I’m currently considering getting either the Motorola Moto G7 Play or the Samsung Galaxy A10e. Does anyone here have any feedback regarding which is better for the money? Do they both work equally well with RW’s network?

I’ve read positive reviews of the Moto G7 Play, but reviews of the Galaxy A10e are hard to find.

The Samsung is $20 cheaper. It looks like maybe it has a slower processor, but I’m not sure. The Moto G7 Play doesn’t support 802.11ac, while the Galaxy A10e does and is dual band. Judging by the number of customer reviews, the Moto G line of phones seems to be more popular here on Republic Wireless than the Galaxy A line, but I’m not sure why.

Also, is 2GB of RAM enough for modern Android OSes? I see that the Moto G7 Play and Galaxy A10e have 2GB of RAM while the Moto G7 Power and Galaxy A20 have 3GB. One Moto G7 Play review I read suggested that 2GB of RAM may be a bit stingy and said that 3GB is normal these days. PC Magazine recommends moving up from the G7 Play to the G7 Power.

I plan to use the phone for calls, texting, web browsing, email, Facebook & Twitter, YouTube, Hulu, Google Maps, Uber, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Audible, etc. I don’t play games on mobile devices.

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